Types of Inspections

Pre-List: All homes have many systems and components that are taken for granted.  Pre-List inspections will provide the current home owner detailed information about these systems and components so there are no surprises during the closing process.  Addressing issues prior to accepting a contract can save money and time.  Issues sometimes arise from pre-purchase (buyer) inspections that can actually delay the closing process.  These “last minute” repairs can be costly due to time constraints.  This can add additional costs to both parties especially the seller.

Pre-Purchase: To be completed within 10 business days of the signed contract (in Arkansas).  Highly recommended to ensure you have as much information as possible when making the final decision on one of life’s biggest investments.

Phase (new construction): This is conducted in 3 phases.  {Prep and Foundation}, {Structure, Plumbing, Electrical} and final inspection.  This type of inspection is highly recommended as major issues may not show up during that 1st year when the house is under warranty by the builder.  This inspection enables us at 3C to inspect every component of the home unlike Pre-Purchase inspections in which many of the structural components are hidden by finished coverings such as sheet rock.  If major issues are found in the first 2 phases they can be corrected before the home is finished.

Preventative Maintenance: This type of inspection is not as common, but is recommended approximately every 5 years.  This inspection can identify areas that need to be addressed to ensure the proper function / longevity of components and systems.  Common issues are; overgrown tree and shrub roots growing into drive and walkways breaking the structure which can be costly to repair/replace.  Air conditioning condenser units which are dirty, not level or do not have the proper clearance which can lead to premature failure and be very costly to replace.  Loose / missing roof coverings and flashings can lead to costly leak repairs if not identified and repaired.  These are just a few of the common issues found.

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